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Drillben completely meets the requirements of API Spec 13A Section 9. It has high swelling capacity (15-20 times by volume) and high yield whereas low fluid loss. Drillben is only sodium activated intermediate type bentonite. Does not contain any other polymer or additive.

600 RPM Reading, fann 35 viscometer 30 min.
Filtration Volume 12,5 cc max.
Yield 80 bbl. min.
Moisture content %2,5 max. (by weight)
Residue on 200 mesh wet screen analysis %10 max. (by weight)
Yield Point Plastic Viscosity ratio (Yp/Pv) 1,5 max.
Dispersed Plastic Viscocity
(5 ml. 10 % of sodium hexametaphosphate added and than aged at room temp.)
10 cp min.
Aged YP*/PV*, normal (YP/PV) ratio
(Slury aged at 345 F° on 200 psi for 16 dynamic conditions and cool at room temp.)
1,5 min.
Normal YP*/PV*, disperse YP**/PV** ratio
(Disperse values is measured at 3% of H2O2 solution)
3 max.