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Sodium bentonite with high natural features for Age of sand molding.  Constant compressibility (40) at the level of need for moisture resistance and high strength and high thermal values are different from the other bentonite products.  Foundries, high thermal durability is reduced with the addition of bentonite and sand, the ideal high-heat installations, or high melting temperatures of activated bentonites. Besides the addition of bentonite to reduce the cost of low-bentonite, moisture and reduces the amount of the total AFS clay, thus minimize product failure. Also, in terms of waste disposal, less environmentally foundries reduce costs drastically. This bentonite sand mold because of the need for low humidity decreases the need for total humidity. This is due to the high moisture casting mistakes (errors of gas, surface disturbances) removes

Casting about Bentonite Technical Information:
600 RPM Reading, fann 35 viscometer 42 (min 30)
Filtration Volume 10,2 ml
Yield 100 bbl. min.
Moisture content %2,5 max. (by weight)
Residue on 200 mesh wet screen analysis %2 max
Yield Point Plastic Viscosity ratio (Yp/Pv) 0,88
Dispersed Plastic Viscocity 13 cp